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Mini Magnetic Portable Charger

A simple charger equivalent to an AC/DC wall adapter. It applies 300 mA to the battery at all times, which will damage the battery if left connected too long. Always fumbling for the charger cable to plug your phone in before hitting the sack? Well, the Gecko Indiegogo campaign is trying to make charging more convenient with its special magnetic…

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World’s Small Satellite

  NASA launches world’s small satellite designed by 18-year-old Tamilnadu student Smallest 3D-printed satellite India once again broke a global space record by launching the world’s lightest satellite weighing a mere 64 grams, it’s called Kalamsat, designed and developed not by professional space scientists and engineers, but by 18 years old Tamilnadu student Rifath Sharook and his friends. The tiny…

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Eight Things You Must Know About Your Smartphone Camera

The camera tech in today’s smartphones has grown exponentially. The camera quality of modern smartphones is now on the verge of competing with more expensive digital cameras. With great technology comes great terminology. But most people have a very limited information about camera specifications. which leads to their purchase decision based on the megapixel count of the camera, which by…

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Wants to keep your drinks cool at wherever you go?.  Just get an USB Mini fridge. It keeps cool the beverage ready to drink at all times.!! It can holds a single 12 ounce tin.  A built-in cooling plate quickly drops to its lowest operating temperature within minutes after being plugged in. The USB Mini Fridge can be used in…

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