How to burn CD/DVDs

What is Burn ?

Burn is a colloquial term meaning to write content to a CD , DVD , or other recordable disc. DVD and CD drives with recording capabilities (sometimes called DVD or CD burner s) etch data onto the disks with a laser . CD-Recordable and CD-Rewritable are the two most common types of drives that can write CDs, either once (in the case of CD-R) or repeatedly (in the case of CD-RW).


Normal music CDs and CD-ROMs are made from pre-pressed discs and encased in plastic. The actual data is stored through pits, or tiny indentations, on the silver disc surface of the internal disc. To read the disc, the drive shines a laser onto the CD-ROM’s surface, and by interpreting the way in which the laser light is reflected from the disc it can tell whether the area under the laser is indented or not.

At the start of 1997 it appeared likely that CD-R and CD-RW drives would be superseded by DVD technology almost before they had got off the ground.

For professional users, developers, small businesses, presenters, multimedia designers and home recording artists the recordable CD formats offer a range of powerful storage applications.


CD-R (for compact disc, recordable) is a type of write once, read many  compact disc (CD) format that allows one-time recording on a disc. The CD-R (as well as the CD-RW) format was introduced by Philips and Sony in their 1988 specification document, the Orange Book. Prior to the release of the Orange Book, CDs had been read-only audio, to be played in CD players, and multimedia (CD-ROM), to be played in computers’ CD-ROM drives. After the Orange Book, any user with a CD recorder drive could create their own CDs from their desktop computers.

Burning CD/DVD

Here, some steps to buying a CD/DVDs. Now let see the process,

1. Now we start burning in a CD and DVD into your Windows PC and you should see a dialog appear either in Notification Center or as an AutoPlay window.

2. If no dialog box comes up for you, then just open Windows Explorer and double-click on the CD/DVD drive. Another box will asking you to how do you like to use this disc.

Now you should give a title to disc and then choose whether you want it to act like a USB flash drive or like a mastered disc.

Disadvantage when you using the flash drive option then only you can use the disc on computers running Windows XP and higher.

Incase, if you are burning this disc for another device, like a CD or DVD player, then you should choose the second option.

3. Next, you’ll get an empty Explorer window where you can start to drag and drop the files you want to burn to the disc. .

4. Once you have copied all the files you want to burn, click on Manage under Drive Tools and you’ll see an option called Finish burning. In Windows 7, you’ll see a Burn to disc option.

5. The burn guider will present there and here you can choose the recording speed. By default, it should automatically be set to the fastest speed your drive can support.

6. If once the burn is completed, you should receive a successful message and this burn is going to be next disc.

7. It’s a very simple and direct process to burn a CD or DVD in Windows.

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