How Joystick works?

Are you a Die-hard gamer? or vacational Gamer? No matter at all. Have you ever wonder about how the things about how Joysticks works. Here we tell you how it works with short and sweet.So let’s come to the matter,

Question : What is a Joystick?

Answer : It’s just a translator.

what…?? You kidding.??

Yes it just a translator. And it translating your hand movements to the computer. Gaming is amazing, for that we need to give an input. So joystick was invented. Don’t you ever underestimate that you are just an gamer. And simply gaming all day. Even pilot in the plane doing the same as us. It’s not matter about what we doing, it’s a matter about how we doing.

Oops, I forgot to tell you how it works..! You can able to see an pivot in your Joystick. While you do working with that the direction of the pivot changes. Based on the angle and the direction of the pivot, the device translate your input to the computer. So that you can control horizontal and vertical movement of your anime in the virtual gaming world.

Now, take a look into the inner side of the stick. There you can find some push buttons in the stick.



The basic functions of the push button is, it can hold the signal when it is pressed. If you released it will be stopped.

When the pushbutton engages with the circuit that associates with your movement. If you move towards forward direction, the computer recognise that and do the things. If you hold the forward and right button together , it interprets the computer to the diagonal movement.

Joystick inside view

So that, it based on the design how you control the anime. If you very well at designing, create your own control algorithm, control the joystick controller with your control.

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