What is SRAM?

SRAM, It is a memory element used for storing the data. It’s a Vilatile Memory. When power goes down, it will loss it’s memory.

Before get to know about SRAM, we need to know what is RAM.

Two types of RAMs are available

  • Dymamic RAM
  • Static RAM

Computer requires some memory for perform operations. All the memories of the computer are stored in RAM. In specifically, DRAM is used as a memory element in computer.

The DRAM continuously rewrites the data for every few milliseconds for withhold the data.

But, SRAM not require rewriting the data like DRAM and it is more faster than DRAM.

Though it is more faster, SRAM is not used in computer motherboards. Because it not well suited for main memory. And, SRAM is mainly used for CPU’s Cache.

SRAM can be made with two types of transistors.

  •         Field effect transistor
  •         Bi-polar Junction Transistor

Mostly MOSFETs are used in SRAM, because it consumes less power. SRAM is made with 6 MOSFETs. For storing a single bit, 4 MOSFETs are used.

But you can found SRAM in Printers, CD’S and Digital camera.


  • Low power consumption
  • Simplicity – a refresh circuit is not needed
  • Reliability


  • Price
  • Capacity

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