How To Create Blogger Account ?

In this tutorial, we explain how to create blogger account. Bloggers is a weblog publishing tool from Google for sharing text, photos and videos.

Generally, the blogs are hosted by Google at a subdomain of You can also use the free domain offer from Google, that end with, and etc., Get more details about blogger, click here

Now, we take a look at how to create blogger account.

1. Signing into Google Account

First, go to blogger and Signing into your Google account with username and password.

2. Terms and conditions

Carefully, read the terms and conditions of the blogger. Then click “Create Blog” button.

3. Select Your blog theme and address

Choose your blog title, that appears on the browser tag. And also visible in the Google search results. Then, select your site address, and check the availability. And also, choose your theme. You can change your theme later or customize your own with HTML.

4. Select dynamic theme for Mobile and Desktop

Select theme, that suit for mobile and desktops. Also the how your theme looks in the theme control panel.

5. Choose Favicon for your blog

A favicon, a small website icon, tab icon, that appears on the browser’s tab. Create your own Favicon and upload it.

6. How to publish a post

You can share your thoughts and ideas in the posts menu. Also you can edit, enter graogical content like images and videos. Also optimise your post with SEO. Make content that get more unique audience.

7. Advertisement campaign

Blogger makes a platform to earn by showing advertisement on their blogs. For create advertisement you need to link your blogger with Adsense. And paste Adcodes on the index.php file.

Watch this tutorial and this will help you..!!

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