Truecaller discontinued support for Windows And Android gets a new Block

Truecaller discontinued support for Windows Phone:

Lastly, Truecaller has discontinued support for Windows phones
Three years after releasing its app for Windows, Truecaller has finally shut down its Windows Phone version. Truecaller Spokesperson said ,”We have discontinued support for Windows Phone due to Microsoft’s news of not focusing on further development of the operating system. We have removed the app from the app store, and there will be no further support for bug reports or fixes”.

Truecaller for Android gets a new Block section

Truecaller, one of the most popular caller identification apps, got a new update that lets you easily manage your block list.
Currently available for the Android platform, Truecaller has introduced a new Block section that lets you quickly see the
contacts or unknown numbers you have blocked using the app.

New updates:

According to changelog, the latest update added a new Block section for easy managing of contacts that are blocked.Further, the update hasalso fixed the bug that was causing mark ‘SMS as read’ functionality to not work at times.These updates are available with Truecaller for Android (version 9.4.10). The app requires 26MB storage space and is compatible with Android 4.1 or higher.

Further, Truecaller has released a Pro version as well Subscription based Further, Truecaller has released a Pro version as well
Notably, last week, Truecaller launched its Pro version with a revamped design and new features including “Who Viewed My Profile” to show known contacts or unknown people who searched for your profile.

The paid version also brings Private Mode wherein a user will not be notified if you browsed through their profile.
Other features include ‘ad-free experience’, ‘contact requests’ and ‘Pro’ profile badge.

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