Inflatable Airbag Helmet

This helmet that can significantly help in reducing the number of deaths due to road
mishaps in India.

one doesn’t need statistics to conclude that Indian roads are some of the most
dangerous in the world, if not the most! Approximately, 27 per cent of deaths caused
by road accidents in India are of two-wheeler motorists and a sizeable chunk of it is
because of head injuries. The students from IIT-Roorkee have developed an inflatable
airbag helmet for two-wheeler motorists.

The inflatable airbag helmet was developed by three
final year mechanical engineering students at IIT Roorkee – Rajvardhan
Singh, Sarang Nagwanshi and Mohit Siddha. The idea has been inspired from
inflatable space structures. which are not too expensive .It could be priced
somewhere between Rs 2,000.

In simple words, the helmet is basically a collar made out of Kevlar (same material
used to make bullet-proof vests) and it houses sensors for lean angle, velocity,
acceleration and so on. The moment, the collar detects an impact; it inflates into an
airbag and forms a cushioning layer around the head so as to protect from major
injuries. The airbag that surrounds the head helps to lessen the impact and peak
acceleration which is what harms the head the most.

Regular helmets do not quite distribute pressure in case of an impact and also do not
reduce peak acceleration. According to the tests conducted the IIT-Roorkee team, the
inflatable airbag helmet reduced the force on the crash test dummy by up to four
times on impact as compared to a conventional helmet. Also, the airbag helmet is able
to reduce the peak acceleration as well. Experts suggest this could help prevent fatal
injuries in times of a road mishap.

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