A Radiation-Tolerant Microcontroller for Space Applications

Microchip recently introduced their new radiation-tolerant microcontroller(ATmegaS64M1). The chips gives Enhanced radiation Protection and temperature protection. It gives more reliable to space and aerospace applications.The products which are developer and manufacture for space applications must meet the “Space Quality Grade”( MIL-PRF-38535).Its gives widest range temperature protection for the range of -55°C to 125°C.


  • It is a Advanced RISC Architecture
  • 131 Instruction sets
  • On-chip 2 cycle multiplier

The feature set seems quite robust:  The chip has Digital peripherals include CAN bus support, UART, and PWM generation. On the analog side, the chip has an internal reference voltage, a 10-bit ADC with internal programmable gain, a 10-bit DAC, four analog comparators, and an on-chip temperature sensor. It also has an internal oscillator, so no external clock circuitry is required in applications that don’t need high-precision timing.

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