Chinese space station will crash into Earth on this March

China had launched its massive space station on 2011, which was named “Heavenly Palace” or “The Tiangong-1”.It was seemed as China’s ambitious towards space super power.

In 2016, the officials conformed that they had lost the control with the space station. And they assumed that it will crash into Earch soon. The space station steadily decaying from its orbital.


In recent weeks it has dipped into more dense reaches of Earth’s atmosphere and started falling faster. Regarding this scientists confirmed that it will be falled on this March.

Many of the crafts are burn up when the entered in the  Earth’s atmosphere. But the problem with Tiangong-1 is, it weighs more than 8 ton. So some parts might crash into the Earth’s surface and could cause some damage.

There have been  many uncontrolled re-entries of larger spacecraft and none have ever been reported to have caused injuries to people.



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