Google Adsense approved Tamil

Google Adsense is a online revenue program that supports by Google LLC. The functionality of the program is, it allows user to register with Adsense data base and start showing the online marketing advertising on their websites, blog , and YouTube channels, etc..

After the registration process, AdSense gives some Scripts which user to paste on their platforms includes android app, websites and blogs. After the successful verification, it starts showing advertisement on their medium that contains Images, texts and running scripts. Regarding with the Adsense advertisement policies it gives revenue to their users.

Previously, Adsense only supports the limited languages only. But now it’s officially confirmed that Google AdSense allows the one of the oldest Languages in the world, Tamil.

“Continuing our commitment to support more languages and encourage content creation on the web, we’re excited to announce the addition of Tamil, a language spoken by millions of Indians, to the family of AdSense supported languages“, Google AdSense.

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