NVIDIA and Continental AG joins to produce AI Car system

NVIDIA, an american technology company partnership with German car manufacturer Continental AG to Produce Artificial self driving car system. The firm also added that, the car will hit market in 2021. The AI computated car will be facilitate  with Level 5 self driving capabilities.

Dr. Elmar Degenhart,CEO of continental  said “The vehicle of the future will be a sensing, planning and acting computer on wheels. The complexity of autonomous driving require nothing less than the full computational horsepower of an AI supercomputer,”.

Jensen Huang, founder and CEO of Nvidia, said, “Our newly arrived Drive Xavier processor, extensive Nvidia Drive software, and cloud-to-car approach for testing, validation and functional safety, combined with Continental’s expertise and global reach, will bring autonom cars to the world.”

NVIDIA and Continental were initially developed

  • Auto Lane changing features
  •  360 degree perception
  • Integrated HD maps

Continental is expertise with 3D LIDAR technologies and central control unit


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