PLC: Programmable Logic Controller

PLC is an industrial programmable controller used to control the field devices in industry. Many of the production industries are running with PLC to monitor and control the production process .

What is PLC ?

PLC are most like the general purpose computer. But some characters distinguish PLC’s with general purpose computer.

PLC are likely to have more reliable to control and monitor the field devices

It can adaquate with all circumstances like electrical noise, vibration, extreme temperatures.

Architecture of PLC

PLC had input/ output module, power supply and central processing unit. Normally PLC’s are powered with ac supply. And they convert ac power into DC supply. The output voltage signal from PLC is 5V DC.

Input/output modules are used for connecting sensors and actuators to the controller.

PLC can be easily programmed using ladder logic. other programming techniques are also available.

  • Function block diagram
  • Sequential function chart
  • Structured text
  • Instruction list

When the programming is done, the program is downloaded to the PLC and stored in non volatile Memory of the PLC. When then power is removed the programs are never lost. Depending upon custom design and requirement we can choose suitable PLC for our needs.

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