Resistive Touch

Resistive touch works on pressure applied to the screen. The screen consists of number of resistive coated layer separated by air gap. When the screen is pushed, the contact will be made and the voltage divider is created.

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The screen consists of horizontal and vertical lines. So that the location( X and Y co-ordinates) of the pressed area will be found and it acts respectively.

Resistive touch is only can be acts only with finger and finger nails. This screen are varied with the number of resistive wire the consists,

  • Analog 4 wire resistive
  • Analog 5 wire resistive
  • Analog 8 wire resistive

The resistive touch screen are less expensive. More than mobile phone and gadgets are using resistive touch screen. When you go to ATM machine, and the screens of the most of the ATM machines are using Resistive touch screen.


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