Silk Road in Trouble – Great setback for China’s dream project

Beijing : The silk project, which connects China’s neighbors, is in trouble due to political and economic recessions.China’s plan to build a silk road with neighbors was a great revolutionary program to boost industrial trade relations.


Chinese President G Jingming’s dream project, the Silk Road project, plans to boost trade relations between Asian countries and the Chinese government announced that Asian countries will be challenged by European countries if the project is implemented.

The chinese government allocated 300billion US dollar for this silk road project. And it had also planned to poke many countries including famous constructing companies.

Many countries accuesed china for strengthening its militant power in the name of silk road.But china refused and said that the project is implement only for good order.The Chinese economy has been stagnating over the last few years.The world economist blames that china is trying to repair its economic condition and military by this project

China’s Silk road Project


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