Synapsis: DesignWare Non-Volatile Memory IP

    The non volatile IP has been incorporated into the designware IP, Embedded memories, files, Libraries, Processors.

Synopsys DesignWare® Non-Volatile Memory (NVM) IP provides One-Time Programmable (OTP), Few-Time Programmable (FTP) and Multi-Time Programmable (MTP) NVM supporting 16 bits to more than 4 Mbits in standard CMOS and BCD process technologies with no additional masks or processing steps.

Kilopass Technology’s bitcell OTP Non Volatile Memory IP support low power requirements. NVM is a field programmable memory for efuse replacement.

Secret code is the company’s secure antifuse OTP. And it is used for security engines and roots.It gives content protection against active and passive attacks, tampering, hacking, and reverse engineering at the bit level.

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