The world’s smallest cyborg bug

Cyborg bug is a robot. It used to save people and to save the world’s peaceful. It is the smallest controlled thing. It’s works on criminal investigation. To find a terrorist or something.

So our government was used this cyborg bug to identify some most wanted things.

Their purpose is to control the flight of the beetle. Scientist are made it by a real insects or creating a duplicate insect machine.

Cyborg bug:

      By implanting electrodes into the muscles of beetles, scientists can now precisely control how cyborg insects walk — an ability that may help these bugs carry out complicated tasks, Scientists implanted electrodes into the muscles of beetles to turn them into “cyborg” insects.
“The cyborg beetles Real insects that are controlled like robots”
How to create it:
           Scientist are studied many things about muscles configuration and the neural network of this living beetle. And also they studied leg motion. We can do some different walking gait motion. Yes its individual and moves like a robot. There are some errors,but they are not a big problem. We use this system to detect the leg motion. So we can put a small marker on the leg. Basically there are two buttons,
         1. one can change the walking gait.
         2. With the other one can change the stair frequency.


That means how fast the leg moves. It having an eight muscles in total. Now we give a frequency level. So the stair frequency is 0.125 Hertz. So it is very slow. So if they want to increase the stair frequency they need to press this button. So then if they press once it is always faster. Now it is 0.25 Hertz. If they press one more time 0.285 Herz. So it is faster. 1 hertz. If they are want to change to galloping press this button. So they are changed to galloping. The stair frequency was press now it is 2 Herz. If struggles but it still obey the stimulation signals. Yes they thing so,but it still obey the frequency. We stimulated for more than seven days and it still obeyed. A natural,regular beetle service for 3 or 6 months. Even after the implantation,the beetle can survive for several months. We have never seen a beetle die right after the stimulation. We like the beetle to fly as long as possible.

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