How touch screen works

In 10 years back, we are have only Nokia1100,3315, Nokia 6600, music and camera phones. These are button phones. More than people are use only landline. Then touch screen mobiles are alive in markets. IPhone is the first full touch sensor mobile. This touch sensor was used in ATM machines, ATM card machine and Aeroplane tv.

There is in two types of touch screens

  1.     Resistive touch
  2.    Capacitive touch

Resistive touch

This touch was based on your pressure. It is the first touch sensor. It have two layers. The upper layer is made by flexible and transperant material (ex:polyethylene) and is bottom the layer made by strong metal (ex:glass). The upper layer is called Resistive layer. It have no electric conductor. The bottom layer is called conductive layer. It have a electric conductor.A metal coating ( ex: Idium Tin Oxide) for the glass below will be replaced by power flow. This two layers was separated by spacers points. There is no touch in conductive layer then, electricity flowing was happened normal in this layer. But when we touch the resistive layer, this layer is plush the conductive layer and then these conductive layer ‘s electricity was changed. So we can also be traced to where we are touch.


It is very strong and cheap touch.


  1.     We can’t able to use multi touch.
  2.    It reflect heavy sound.
  3.     It needs to hardtouch.

Conductive touch    

This touch is done when we Touch the screen by our fingers. It have lot of layers. This upper layer is called protective layer. We call Gorilla glass. Following this layer there two layers. This first layer is called Driving lines layer. Second layer is called sensing lines layer. The two layers are made of grid in the looks of the hair. These thread was made by like Idium Tin Oxide. These driving and sensing line layer was confronted place have a electrostatics field. This is called Default value. Recorded as neutral in process.  When our finger is plush on electrostatic field. This field have to change. Based on this change finds X,Y location. It works accurately, multi touch, swipe. But it not work when wear gloves.


Make touch screen part of top layers

  • On cell technology: It placed on super amoled Samsung display.
  • In cell technology: iPhone 5s onwards.

These two technologies are difficult to manufaucturing. But have very less thickness.

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