What is Arduino?

Arduino is an open source platform for building digital devices using single board micro controller. This device has user friendly hardware and software (IDE) interfaces. Programs can be easily uploaded to the chip via cable.

Arduino UNO


  • Micro controller (ATmega 8, ATmega 328)
  • Input/output pins = 20 (14 pins for digital input and output that includes 6 PWM pins and 6 analogue input and output pins .
  • Input voltage – 5V
  • Flash memory – 32KB(Includes amount of memory for boot loader)
  • Click memory – 16MHZ
  • Static RAM.
  • 6 – Analogue Input ports. With this port sensors can be attached with arduoAr

How program uploaded to the board?

Programs can be easily uploaded to the chip via cables. The program can be  easily upload and compile with the boot loader associates with the board. when the board is enabled by power supply the boot loader executes the sequence of operations that to be done by the chip.

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