What is “ZigBee”?

Like all other wireless module such as Bluetooth and WiFi, ZigBee is used  to create communication networks. But it is only suitable for closed proximity.

ZigBee Module
  •   Zigbee is based on  IEEE 802.15.4 specification.
  •   Its work station range is 10 to 20 metre.

It is mainly used in small scale and hope appliances.ZigBee based RFID devices help provide reliable access management in industries. Other applications in industries include process control, energy management, personnel tracking etc.

How it works?

ZigBee has three device used for communication

1. Coordinator

2. Router

3. End device

Normally, The communication is done with two methods

1. Beacon enabled

2. Non beacon enabled


In this method a signal is send to all device device. The coordinator makes specified time for each device. When the device is connected it starts transmitting data.


In this method the device send signal to the coordinator. Then the coordinator starts sending data. After received the all data, the device send a message to coordinator that the all the data ara received.


Program to connect Arduino and ZigBee


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