WhatsApp: A New chat bug allows anyone to join

German security researchers found that today more instant messaging apps are not secure at all. The team took their research with Whatsapp , Threema and Signal and showed their results. Whatsapp has has 1billlion plus data base. But, the researchers says WhatsApp group chats might not be so secure and intruders can easily be infiltrated without permission.

They showed their research analytics at “Real World Crypto security conference” in Zurich, Switzerland, according to a report on Wired.  And they stated that Intruders might have the  control of WhatsApp’s servers and add a new person to a group without administrator even knowing, is what the researchers claim

Whatsapp confirmed these flaws and stated that when an unknown member added in group, whatsapp  send notification to alert their users. And they also assured that “We’ve looked at this issue carefully…Existing members are notified when new people are added to a WhatsApp group. We built WhatsApp so group messages cannot be sent to a hidden user.”

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